Friday, September 9, 2016

We Are Old

I like social media, although of late I am fed up with Facebook. Just tired of the political bullshit. But I do have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. This started just so I could follow people, then gradually I began to make posts. I tend to post on Facebook the most, but will put pics of my art or the dogs out on Instagram as well.

I follow people that I find interesting. On Instagram, two of those are Mary McCartney, and Stella McCartney. Mary is a professional photographer, and she is the oldest child of Paul and the late Linda McCartney. In case you don't know who that is, leave now. You should just stop reading. Stella is the next oldest child, and is a clothes designer.

I find it interesting that, even though the Beatles themselves drifted apart, the children of all four Beatles know each other well. One day this past week, Mary posted a 10 second video on Instagram of Zak Starkey playing guitar on stage with his band. She said a few kind words, and it wasn't long when Zak responded, and it was quite obvious there is a lot of affection there. So I, of course, had to pull up a better photo of Zak Starkey. Who is he? Again, leave now. Zak is the oldest child of Richard Starkey and his first wife, Maureen. You might know him better by his stage name of RIngo Starr.

And here is the part about being old: Zak was born September 13, 1965. We were seniors in high school, and it was a very BIG deal, because Ringo and Mo had only been married about 7 months.  OH! Goodness! This was in the days where, to communicate, you either used the phone that was attached to the wall, or you passed a note in the hall at school. I know! Ancient history.

I took this screen shot of Zak off my phone, and sent a text message with the photo to Pat. Pat refuses to engage in any social media, because Big Brother is watching. Uh huh. So she relies on me to send her the best pics of The Beatles and their families. The text message to Pat read "Zak. Will be 51 next week. You are old."

The language that was returned to me in text just can't be repeated here......

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