Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Throwback to childhood

We were at the dog park on Saturday morning, by ourselves on the south side. There were too many dogs and owners on the north side for my two to behave. Sigh. Anyway, I walked the dogs all the way to the far west end, which is a shaded alcove. Walking along the north side fence, I saw berries. Lots of berries, so I took a photo with my phone and sent a text to Cathy. I wanted to know if they were Black Raspberries, or Blackberries? She said yes. So helpful, Miss Cathy.

The black chain link fence you see in the photo is part of the dog park. There is a foot of space, then a barbed wire fence that must be 50 years old. The foliage is left alone from the dog park fence all the way out to about 15 feet. This belongs to the State of Indiana, and they have told Hendricks County not to touch it. (The dog park is bordered by a US highway, US 36). Within that realm there are hundreds of berry bushes. They have grown so tall and wide, that some of the branches are coming through the dog park fence.

On Sunday I showed this to Cheryl, another dog mom. She said for sure they were black raspberries, and told me to try one. I picked it and popped one into my mouth. Cheryl then casually said, "You are going to die", which is what reminded me that THIS is something we would have done as kids.

Obviously I didn't die, and oh, boy golly, are those black whatever type of berries sweet. Wish I could get ahold of more. We grabbed about 2 dozen. And for my efforts, I also received a thorn prick in a finger. Hurt like hell, but the berries were worth it.

May the birds of Hendricks County have a feast. With all the rain we've had, these bushes are loaded. I will try to grab a few more. By the way, Cheryl's little terrier, Libby, ate one. Mine were waiting for steak.

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