Sunday, July 10, 2016

Walking the dogs

Yesterday morning was a relatively pain free day, so I took the dogs for a walk at Avon Town Hall Park. My favorite walking park. It is just so pretty and peaceful. There are sections where Indiana wildflowers are allowed to grow, along with the prairie grasses, and then there are planned flower beds. Hundreds of trees are scattered, with more being planted every year.  We walk at a slow pace because that is all I can do now, and stop when my leg and back say it's time to stretch. But I did succeed in wearing both dogs out.

Later I went out for a bit, and came home with the green stuffed frog. Gracie and Jake ignored it for hours, then finally took notice late in the day. Gracie barked at it, Jake grabbed the frog and laid down on top of it. He will walk through the house with it in his mouth.

Gracie is waiting. This happens with every toy every time. When someone comes into the house, and it doesn't matter who it is, she will grab this toy and rip the stuffing out in minutes. Jake will then be sad.

My life.

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