Friday, July 1, 2016

Random Thoughts

The above are from my garden on the north side of the house. Gloxinias? I doubt I am spelling that correctly, and have zero idea how to even find it in the dictionary. I did try. Deal with it.

I saw these beauties last night when Melissa and I were out on that side trying to clean out my dryer vent. Let us start at the beginning. Some asshole designed this house to run the dryer vent up an interior wall to the attic, then do a 90 degree turn and run it 20 feet to the north wall of the house. The vent is approximately 12 feet off the ground, so an extension ladder is needed to reach it.

I have tried numerous ways to keep the birds from nesting in this long run. NONE OF THEM has worked. Melissa was not able to completely clean out the vent because it is packed solid starting about 6 feet back from the opening. Today I am going to disconnect the clothes dryer, pull it out, and try to blast the blockage out from the inside with a leaf blower. Knowing my luck, this will not work. One can only try, and hope. This type of blockage can burn your house down. And you only know that it is bad when the clothes will no longer dry, because the vent can't vent. This type of house problem drives me nuts, for several reasons. I am limited in what I can personally do due to health issues. Second, if you hire someone, is that someone going to do a half ass job of cleaning this out, then tell me it's done? Because there are now 4 women scratching their heads trying to come up with a solution on how to reach the clog. And if 4 women can't do it, then one lonely little man is doomed. I'm serious. A man undoubtedly drew up the blue prints for this style house. He should be made to wear wet clothes for the rest of his life, because if he lived in one of these houses, his wife/significant other would not be able to dry said clothes.

And the rant goes on. Not only is the venting on too long of a convoluted run, it is directly over the air conditioning unit. Yes. So convenient. What the hell?

Repeat after me: some people are idiots when it comes to common sense. Yes indeed.

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