Friday, June 10, 2016

Flowers and Dogs

Clematis in Melissa's back yard

Dega's tail and butt


I have mentioned before, my friend Melissa has a shady backyard, so we often have hour long playdates for the dogs. Yesterday was one of them. Unfortunately, no squirrels appeared, although Gracie sat patiently in the shade looking up at the trees. Waiting. Waiting. All for naught.

But when I got up to walk to the fence and take these photos, Gracie and Dega decided to play their little flirty dance. They have done this since they were both pups. Jake, on the other hand, does not like Dega anywhere near his sister. So we give him a pacifier, some toy, to run around with. Melissa did that, and in the blink of an eye, Jake and Dega were into a real, terrier dog fight. Jake had a mouth full of fur on Dega's neck, and wouldn't let go. In desperation, I ran to the garden hose and turned on the water. My intent was to spray Jake, but by that time he had stepped away from Dega, and come towards me.

Dega was fine, ready to rock and roll. He had blood on his fur, but we quickly figured out that Jake had a bleeding gum.

Needless to say, the next playdate will be Gracie by herself. Jake can stay home and pout. It was my fault. Normally I keep an eye on him constantly, but we hadn't been over there in months, and I was looking for a photo on my phone, distracted.

And now you know why Jake's nick name is "little shit". Have a good one.

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