Monday, June 13, 2016

What the hell?

The dogs and I sat outside yesterday afternoon, late, and enjoyed the shade, the breeze. Just being alive. It was a time of reflection for me. I have no frigging idea what thoughts Gracie and Jake had.

This country is in the bat shit crazy house. The division is so wide over senseless crap. And yes, I am going to discuss guns and gays. Deal with it.

I am old and wise enough to know that guns will never be eliminated from American society. This country was founded on the principle that as people we have the right to bear arms. So, you want a revolver or a hunting rifle, go buy one. However. And this is a biggie, I don't believe that automatic weapons designed for war against another nation should be available to the public. Period. So keep your other weapons, but anything that can spew out enormous quantities of bullets in seconds? You don't need that to shoot a deer. Get over yourselves.

Donald Trump. Holy Shit, folks. "Appreciate the congrats..." was the beginning of his tweet. What the hell is he thinking? 50 people dead, more injured, and The Donald is patting himself on the back because someone has congratulated him on his stance against Muslims? Here is your sign, Trump: THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU!!!!!!!

American society is a melting pot. That is what makes this country great, a true mix of cultures, ideas, all blending together. We have every religion known to man. Muslims offend you? I don't understand the right wing Christians who handle snakes. For real, are they nuts? I don't care what sexual orientation you are either, as long as you don't try to molest a child or any individual who is just not interested. Your sex life does not affect me in any way. I don't care what you are doing in the bathroom stall alongside of me, as long as I don't have to look at it.

Those of us with brains, with compassion for the human condition, with common sense need to stand up and be heard this year. This year of The Donald. This year of blatant racism, hatred, intolerance. So, so sick of it.

Do something today. Say something. Now.

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