Tuesday, June 7, 2016

I need a zen moment

Fox Glove

I don't know the name, but they are perennials


I had the front door open late yesterday so the dogs could look out to the street and bark at passing air molecules. They like to do that. It was after 8p.m. when I decided to lock up and put the alarm system back on that door. The light was getting dim, and the colors in the front flower bed were stunning. So I grabbed my phone and went out to take a few shots.

With each new generation of phone, the cameras just keep getting better. I have the Samsung S6. Love the camera.

Yesterday was not a particularly good day. Lots of running around, the mower quit, the cable tv just stopped working and won't reboot, and I had an email confrontation from someone on my high school reunion committee. Over nothing. I do plan on waving at her when I attend. With my middle finger. The Chicago salute. Do you get my drift here?

While I am venting, I have a tip for big box stores. When you hire people to work inside your store, they should be able to answer basic questions. This should be done with direct eye contact to the customer, and their mouth should not be hanging open. It gives the appearance of stupidity. Both of the men I asked about lawn mower parts were just blank, as in not really there. And no coherent answers.

So I did what any woman would do. Came home, googled, found a farm machine/John Deere equipment place, and ordered what I need. They were extremely helpful on the phone. Anyone from Lowe's reading this? Pay attention. Pay close attention. You, Lowe's, have lost my business.

Enjoy yourselves.

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