Thursday, May 5, 2016


Jake on the living room couch, on top of my blankets

Gracie, wanting her ears scratched
12 days ago, I started with sneezing, watering eyes, a ring of pain on my face. Ah yes, it is allergy season. Made sense, because all of our trees had bloomed, leaves were coming out on a daily basis. This went on for 5 days. Then a week ago I woke up with the head cold from hell. Still have it.

The nurses above were taking care of me. Uh huh. On Sunday morning the sun was out bright, strong, so we headed to the dog park so I could sit on a bench and soak up some vitamin C. My nursing staff sat with me for oh, 3 or 4 minutes, then insisted we walk the fence row to look for bunnies. Or mice. One never knows. But being out in the fresh air and sun really did help that day.

Then the rain moved back in. And it has basically been raining at some point every day since, with some sun but chilly. Mother Nature, you are not helping me at all here.

Stay healthy. Enjoy yourselves.

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