Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Making a Muslin Book

The first step applying joint compound to muslin

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Starting to add image transfers (HA!), stamps, and paint via stencils

Finished front cover

First pages

My favortes

Back cover
For quite some time I have been tempted to buy Donna Downey's online class entitled "Metamorphosis".  Last week she had a one day sale on that class only, and I whipped out the charge card. The class is taking you down a different path: making an art book out of muslin that has been coated with joint compound.

After watching Donna's class, the hardest part is waiting for all of the various layers to dry because you are so in gear to GO FORWARD ALREADY! I had a lot of fun with this, and will make another book. On a sunny day where I can lay the pieces of muslin out on the deck to bake in the sun.  I also now know where I slightly screwed up (it's me, folks!), and will pay more attention in the making of the next book.

What I really love about this is how I made it look old, like pages that have been around for decades. So yeah, another one will be in the works soon.

Enjoy yourselves.

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