Sunday, April 10, 2016


I wrote about the wire mini gate that is hanging in my kitchen previously. Instead of hanging bills on it, I decided to create small pieces of art in the form of tags to brighten up that space. The beauty of that is that the tags are cheap, and it doesn't take long to make some new ones, and swap out the old.

The tags above are the larger type, because I wanted to use some of my new stencils from She has excellent quality and very different designs from the mass market stencils you normally see. Paint used was a combination of Martha Stewart's craft paint, another great product, Dylusions paint, and Faber Castel Artist Pitt Pens for the shading. Love those. I have had most of mine for over 5 years now, and as long as you recap them so they can't dry out they really do last.

The pathetic looking dog is Jake, resting his head on my leg while I was sitting on the couch sideways. He was sick last night. I am a basket case when one of the dogs is ill. You are constantly second guessing, thinking the worse. But he seems better this morning, so we will wait it out to see what happens. They are my babies.

Enjoy your day.

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