Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Random Thoughts

Jake letting me know he should be the focal point in this photo

Why yes, Mom. You could rub my leg for a minute or two.

Jake, on a cold afternoon. I accidentally threw the covers over him, and he stayed there.
Do you ever have random thoughts floating around in your head, that just have to come out? Yeah, me too. So here are a few.

This election year is downright scary. How can a country go backwards so fast? And are they no longer teaching history in schools? Does any generation after the baby boomers not know and understand how Hitler rose to power in Nazi Germany? Makes my head hurt.

I am a big, big fan and user of Amazon but today they have royally pissed me off. Had to order a new Kindle because my 3 year old one died. As in the black screen of death. Totally bit the dust. I am in the middle of a really good mystery, and want to finish reading that book. Today I received an email that the delivery will be 3 days, not 2 as it should be on Amazon Prime. Oh, come on, Amazon. Spoil me to death for the past 3 years with your incredible Prime service, then pull the rug out when I want something in a hurry? I have to wait one additional day? (a community whine, please. Everyone at once.)

Roku. I purchased a Roku stick for my 7 year old television, so I could watch my Amazon Prime videos on the tv instead of the Kindle. This device worked for the first 2 weeks after it was installed. It still works, just won't display any video. I hear the audio, but the screen says the device is not authorized. On the Roku website is a form for a question or request for tech support. I have filled it out twice. No response. This is over a 5 week period. Oh, Roku. How you deserted me so fast. Ever hear of social media? Ever hear of bad reviews on Amazon, which is where I purchased this device? Your day is coming. I will make one more attempt at service, then cover your ears, Roku. Hide. Because I can have a wicked tongue when you piss me off. And Roku? YOU have pissed me off with non-existent customer support. Not good. Not good at all.

Read a story this morning about some idiot that abandoned a puppy (a puppy!!!) on an interstate around Indy. The pup was saved by a kind passerby. Thank you, kind person, on behalf of all dog lovers. So here is the deal: you get caught performing this despicable act, your punishment should be one entire month abandoned in the north woods. Preferably in one of the crazier states, like Wyoming. See if you can survive. Or be dropped in the middle of Texas, to wander among all the supports of Ted Cruz.

It's one of those days. Can you tell? Thanks for stopping by.

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