Thursday, March 10, 2016

Art Journaling

Without the stamping
Finished. I think. Not sure yet.
I have been trying to work in one of my art journals for a few minutes every day. As always, I start, go off to clean or do laundry or take the brats to the dog park, then come back to it. It seems to be my creative mojo to step away from the project, and then return with an insight or two.

Yesterday I wanted to experiment with some better quality craft paints. There are craft paints like Folk Art, Ceramcoat, Americana, and then there are a step up before you enter the world of fine art. Ranger has brought out paints for two of their Signature Designers: Dina Wakely and Dyan Reavley. Dina's paint is in a tube and quite thick. Dyan's are in a wide mouth jar and will thicken as you open the jar and use them. I prefer Dyan's paints, but both are on the pages above. The thin blue line is Golden's Payne's Grey in fluid acrylic.

The purpose to me of art journaling is to just do it, release your creative juices and what will be will be. I love how this turned out, and now want to transfer this to a canvas. Of course it won't turn out the same. But that is my next project.

Enjoy yourselves.

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