Sunday, March 20, 2016


Gracie and Jake on my bed, looking out the windows. Normal morning activity.

This is either Merlin or Kaiser with their mom, Joy.

The brats and I at Dogtona, 2016
There are all kinds of dog parents out there. Some are mean, cruel beyond belief, and should be locked up. I firmly believe that if a person, male or female, can intentionally harm an animal, then they are capable of intentionally harming a human. Usually a weaker human, as in a senior or a child.

I have met some outstanding dog people by taking my two to the local dog park. In the middle photo above is Joy. Sorry, I didn't get Joy's face, just her arm, when I took this pic. It was crowded and noisy, and I was struggling to stand upright while holding the leashes for my two dogs. Joy has always rescued Weinheimers. Most dog folks have a favorite breed and that is hers. She is down to two that are getting up in years. They are very sweet dogs, and one has arthritis in his back. We haven't seen Joy at the dog park this past winter, so I was surprised when she wheeled in at Dogtona, a fund raising event for the Humane Society.

Let's pause and think about this for a moment. That is one big cart. I'm sure it folds, or reduces in size so you can transport it in an SUV. She then must take the cart out of her vehicle, set it up, and coax or lift a large dog into said cart. Then push him around. That takes a lot of devotion to her dog. It also requires a lot of love. And it does my heart good to see this.

What would you do for your dog?

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