Thursday, July 23, 2015


Starting a hole. Note the tongue.

Oh, crap! She caught me with that damn camera.

Pretending she isn't creating a hole.

I will not look at mom.

Why is she still taking pictures?

Makes you wonder what she's thinking

New lock on the gate
The above photos are from March 23, 2011. This was 8 days after Sarge was lured out of the yard and disappeared. I don't remember that March being that dry, that the grass was so thin, but evidently it was.

Gracie has always liked licking dirt. Because of this, she creates holes in the yard. If I see her starting to lick, I stop the behavior, but I'm not fast enough. Or my dog is too sneaky. There are holes all over the yard, now overgrown with the surrounding grass, and yes, I have lost my balance by stepping into one more than once.

Throw Back Thursdays allow you to reflect on what was, what might have been. I long for the days when Gracie and I could walk for hours. My back and legs can't do that now, but I am grateful for the time I spent with my dogs exploring.

Have a great day.

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