Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Ahhh, summer!

Lilies in front of house

Storm sky to the west

Storm sky to the north
This has been a very unusual summer. We started with an average amount of spring rain. Then we hit a dry spell where it was necessary to water the flowers and trees. I am always concerned with the trees having enough water, because it takes so long for them to grow and, hey! I am old.

When we had a healthy rain storm that ended the 3.5 week dry spell, everyone was happy. And it kept raining. So the pattern has been this: it rains, sun comes out, mow grass and pull weeds. Repeat. Constantly repeat.

This past Friday was hot, uncomfortably so. Very humid and hot, creating the ideal atmosphere for a late day thunderstorm. Except this storm lasted 4 freaking hours. The rain came in waves, 3 separate times, with the last deluge the heaviest. My town was lucky, but others in the area were not. The ground was already saturated from previous rains, so the water had no place to go except yards, roads, basements. When it was all over, the official measurement was 3.64 inches for Avon. Unofficially, I have 2 friends who said their rain gauges indicated better than 5 inches.

Climate change. Yep. It's real, folks.

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