Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bath Day

During the warmer months, I normally give the dogs a bath at home. I try to do this every other week. For whatever reason, this time it stretched to about 2.5 weeks, and Jake was getting that rank smell. The weather was perfect, so yesterday I had a plan. We went to the dog park for an hour in the morning before it became super hot, then home. I sat out on the grass with Jake, combing his fur out and trimming here and there. He loves that. Loves that he has my undivided attention, that he is not having to share me at all with his sister. Loves being touched and spoken to in a soothing tone.

After lunch I put one finger in his collar and walked him into the bathroom. He didn't protest, jumping into the tub. The look I received was "just do it and let's move on, okay?"

The above photo is after the bath. Gracie had just had hers, and was rolling in the yard soaking wet, trying to dry herself. I kept talking to Jake, but this is the way I am treated after a bath. "Mom? I don't have a mom anymore. She betrayed me." Every. Single. Time. It takes him hours to forgive me and acknowledge that I exist. Again.

Kind of like kids.....

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