Thursday, April 9, 2015


New born lambs from April, 2013

I chose this folder in my Pictures folder because it was labeled April 2013. Sad for so many reasons.

Leah, our sheep herding coach, called me a few weeks back to tell me this weekend would be a fundraiser at the farm in Mooresville, IN. I knew something was wrong immediately. It seems her barn caught fire in January. 12 dogs and 18 sheep were trapped inside and died. My heart was in my throat. The thought of the animals suffering was overwhelming. The fundraiser is so she can rebuild a structure, and get more sheep. Insurance would not cover the loss.

There are two different types of animal people: the first are those raised on farms, who look at the farm animals, and this includes dogs and cats, as stock. Dogs are not considered members of the family. It's not that these people don't love the animals, they do, they are just slightly more removed from the loss. I have encountered this time and again, and perhaps they have the correct attitude for living on a farm. Animals die, life moves on. Attachment slows the work process.

The second type of animal person is me. And my friends. And the people I've met at the dog park. "Isn't that the cutest thing you've ever seen?"  "Her fur is so soft! What do you use on her?" "Jake is giving me the evil stink eye again, Linda." We let our dogs on the furniture and beds. We talk to them when another human is not in the immediate area. We spend money on our pets as if they were humans. And we love them completely.

Who is to say which attitude towards animals is correct? Not me. Yes, I am going to the fundraiser. Yes, I will donate money that I can ill afford. Why? Look at those sheep. And I knew each and every dog that perished in the fire.

It's the right thing to do.

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