Sunday, April 12, 2015

Random Thoughts

Spring is definitely here. After a full week of rain, we did yard work yesterday. The yard work consisted of me cutting back 12 foot stalks of decorative grasses, and trying to make a neat pile I could tie with string.  To Jake, it represented something that mom was touching and isn't that a nice pile of dried grass? I must roll in it. I must grab pieces of it and run around the yard while my mom calls me "Little Shit". Gracie stayed out of the way, surviving the scene. I swear she was laughing.

Plants are emerging from the ground, and once again I have lost a lot on the north side of the house. I may have to give up growing hostas. That makes me sad, because I love the beauty of the leaves.

Have a productive day. Enjoy this weather because we all know that within a month, it will be 90 degrees. The Midwest. Ya gotta love it.

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