Monday, April 13, 2015

A Time To Vent

Let us review:

We all have our little quirks and problem areas that seem to intensify as we get older. There are those over 62 that still run marathons, organize charitable events, manage businesses, and juggle families. And there are those that you wonder how they manage to put their underwear on unassisted. You get my drift, right?

But something else has reared it's head of late, and I have to vent about it. Really. Bear with me.

Have you noticed people who are out to get all they can get? And in that process don't give a flying fig about anyone else, who might be inconvenienced or delayed, who might be patiently waiting, plotting in their own minds how to run over these people and not get caught. Or worse, damage one's new car.

Case in point: I went grocery shopping at Super Walmart this afternoon. In this area, we are loaded with "super" grocery centers. Walmart is still the cheapest, and with the price of groceries in a constant climb upwards, I do the majority of my food shopping there. Zipped through the store in record time, entered a check out line. Behind someone in one of those motorized carts. Bless her heart. The husband was standing with the regular cart in front of his wife, taking the bags of groceries and miscellaneous what nots and placing them in their cart. He appeared to be a nice gentle soul. He has my sympathy.

His wife had a small oxygen tank in the go cart. My guess is she was in her late fifties. Perhaps the oxygen was due to illness, perhaps due to a genetic disorder, or perhaps she huffed paint fumes, who can tell? The point is the use of the go cart was necessary. If it hadn't been, I am fairly certain my mouth would have been open with inappropriate words coming out after what she pulled. Bless her heart.

Walmart matches prices. You are suppose to only ask for a match price from a printed ad, and it helps to have that ad with you. This woman had no paper work except her own hand written list. And for every frigging item that was on that conveyer belt, she found a cheaper price on her hand written list, and requested that price be matched. Every. Single. Item.

Really? I mean, really? If the other stores in the area are soooo much better than Walmart, what the hell are you doing here? Using their free go cart to boot? The cashier was young, but certainly not unaware that a fast one was being pulled. I don't know what transpired prior to my entering this check out line. Maybe the cashier challenged this self centered know it all, and was shot down by her team leader. Had I not emptied my cart, placing everything on the conveyor, I would have changed lanes. When this woman was down to the last item, 5 pounds of generic potatoes, she pondered the list. You could tell she was trying to remember what a good price would be on 5 pounds of potatoes. Her husband, long suffering soul, told the clerk to just let it go. But wifey held up her hand, and shouted out "$2.50".  The husband was blushing. He looked my way, but I had been doing standing stretches for about 5 minutes at this point. Making use of my time. Trying not to throttle this woman.

Bless her heart.

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