Monday, March 16, 2015

Is it for real?

Public beach at Michigan City, IN. 2011

Yesterday we walked at the park, and the dogs were panting. For the first time this year, I wore a sweatshirt jacket instead of a coat.

Spring has arrived.

We then spent a few hours in the backyard, cleaning up dog poop, trimming back the decorative grasses, and generally sprucing things up. It felt so good having hot sun on my face. Today, for the first time this year, we will hit 70 degrees and beyond. Fist pumping in the air. High fives all around.

My plan for today is more yard work, walking the dogs again, and possibly cleaning out the garage. Sometimes my ambition exceeds the physical stamina, but I will give it a try. On the negative side, the back and leg problems are worse and walking is, at times, extremely painful. I miss the 2 hour walks with my dogs, and I know they do too. We have all put on weight, and it's not necessarily eating more, but lack of the level of exercise we were used to. Although I did buy one box of Fannie May dark chocolate marshmallow Easter eggs.

Sometimes you have to treat yourself.

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