Thursday, March 19, 2015


The above photos are from 2010. Once upon a time I had adopted a dog named Sarge. He was only with us for 18 months, when someone opened a gate to the backyard and let him out. Gracie was frightened, and stayed by the back door. Sarge ran for 2 weeks, then was hit by a car on a very busy highway near the house. If you want to read about the 2 week ordeal, it is in the archives during the month of March, 2011. I warn you. It is raw.

Until I went back this morning and looked at these old photos, I had forgotten how playful Sarge could be. He adored Gracie, and she him. They wrestled, rolled, and chased one another through the house on a daily basis. Jake will not do that with Gracie, and I have to wonder if she misses it. I do. Best entertainment ever. Sarge loved to get her up on my bed to play. He rarely slept with us. With all that fur, it was just too hot. He preferred the floor for sleeping.

The quilt that is on the bed ended up in the trash. I had it in the car when we set up a wired cage trap in the woods to try and catch Sarge. Dan, a friend, told me we needed something to cover the trap with my scent, and ideally with the dogs scent. So we used that quilt. Unfortunately, we caught a raccoon, who chewed on the blanket trying to get out. This is the time of year Sarge went missing, and the changing weather brings back the memories. I am grateful for the closure of knowing my beloved dog died. If that sounds harsh, then you have never been through 2 weeks of hell with people calling to say they just saw your dog. Everywhere, running within a quarter mile of my home. Like I said, raw. Harsh. And always just below the surface to come back and kick me in the ass.

The brown and green eggs came from chickens at the farm where we used to sheep herd. Colored eggs are produced by the type of chicken and type of feed, nothing more. I had never seen green eggs. What a beautiful color.

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