Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spring had better get here


Gracie. She is holding her favorite ball in her mouth
On days when it is too cold or raining/snowing, I try to play with the dogs in the house. They both used to really get into this, chasing balls, playing tug of war. For whatever reason, this year I can only get Gracie to engage for about 5 minutes. Jake will barely do anything. I don't know if it's the fact they are getting older, or are bored, whatever.

Yesterday I was trying to get Gracie to play tug of war with this piece of material. It was a large, stuffed candy cane that I bought them in November at Home Goods. Super stuffed. Jake loved it. He would grab it in the middle and trot around the house with it. So of course his sister had to destroy it. Once she got her mouth on the candy cane, a hole was made in seconds and the stuffing came out. It has a little loop on one end, and I was able to tie it around their ears and take these pics.

The dogs were not happy with me. I had 4 pics that were completely blurred with Gracie. Jake is better at sitting still. This proves that all three of us need warm weather for the dog park, for me attempting to take them for a walk at the town hall park, for just being outside in the yard. Soon. Really, really soon.

I saw a robin in the flowering crab apple tree yesterday. The tree that has ice hanging off the branches and is surrounded by 7 inches of snow. Please let that be a sign.

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