Sunday, February 22, 2015


I believe I have mentioned in the past that I am one crazy dog mom. Probably a few times.

Yesterday we woke up to over 5 inches of fresh snow on the ground. It started snowing again by 8 a.m., and an additional 2 inches accumulated. It also was warmer, in the low 30's. Traveling was out of the question, and in fact we were being asked to stay at home. Nothing was plowed until late in the day (it is Indiana, folks), and I didn't feel like pushing my luck with a new car. This morning I decided that Frick and Frack needed to get out and run, so we bundled up and headed to the dog park.

I was not the only crazy dog mom there. When we arrived there were two other dogs, but my two ignored them and took off blazing new trails in the snow, chasing each other the entire length of the park. We stayed a total of 35 minutes. Even though I was dressed for the weather, my feet were getting cold. Then I looked down at Jake. He is a terrier, and that is the only explanation I have for his behavior at times. For whatever reason, he was using his face as a plow, running with his head down into the deep snow, biting at the drifts. By the time I got their leashes on them and back to the car, he still had a face full of snow and I couldn't resist taking a picture. Or two.

He spent quite a bit of time at home chewing snow out of his paws and leg fur. But then he looked at me, wagging that tail. Had a really good time, mom. Thanks.

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