Monday, February 16, 2015

Bored Dogs

I haven't been taking a lot of photos lately. Too cold for this body to do anything outside of late. This morning I went into the photo archives, looking for something to post. The above photos are from April 25, 2012.

I know I have mentioned that Gracie was the Alpha dog when Jake came home from the shelter. Over the first year, the roles changed. Jake rules the house. Guess he decided he was the only male, and needed to put everything in order. Gracie will, on occasion, try to boss him a bit. That usually doesn't work. These photos were taken when Jake had been with us about one year.

I stood on the deck with my camera, and shot 60 photos of the dogs that spring day. That tells me that the tug of war went on for awhile. Yesterday I tried to get these two engaged in the house. They needed to play, move around. As I said, mom doesn't do the dog park when the wind chill is below zero. Uh huh. Gracie will play with me, but as soon as Jake grabs or tries to grab whatever she has, she drops it. And then won't engage with me again. I find this frustrating. Jake has become a bully, and I do my best to stop that behavior. But I need Gracie to stand up to him. And she won't.

I miss my bossy Aussie. But the newer, more gentle Gracie has her moments, too. She will snuggle more now with me, and I love that.

Life is good.

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