Friday, February 27, 2015

Random Thoughts

The mind is wandering today. You were warned.

It is too cold for the dog park. It is too cold for anything, in my opinion. Once again I am wondering why I don't just try Florida again for a month. Then I think about traveling with these two in a car for 14 hours or longer. And yep, that thought goes right out the window.

Leonard Nimoy passed away this morning of advanced COPD. Star Trek was never one of my favorites, although I do understand the obsession. I am a nerd for Firefly and Serenity. It was enlightening to read the tributes and comments on Twitter today. Rest in peace, Mr. Spock.

I am again discouraged from art. This happened gradually over the past two weeks, when I came to an abrupt halt on three, yes, three different canvases. I knew what I wanted to create and it was not happening, people. The frustration is that I think I have the tools, the techniques to accomplish the end result. The end result has other ideas, and has taken off for Florida. It's warmer in Florida.

I need a vacation. Can you tell?

I am once again amazed at the audacity of people. At my age you would think this would no longer be a surprise, but yet it is. Due to teaching seniors (anyone over the age of 62) in exercise classes, I have been made aware of the handicap parking situation at our facility. The participants have requested more spaces, which I have passed along to my superiors. But this week I started to take note: able bodied people, usually with young children and no handicap, are using the parking spots because they are close. The solution is to report this to the police. For various reasons, I am not going to do that. The main reason being I kind of like my job. But I have asked myself why someone in their 20's or 30's think it is reasonable to break the law? Consistently. The answer is that this is a comment on today's society. Privilege, thinking only of one's self, is the norm.

Kind of makes me want to kick their ass. But that would be wrong, too. How about a card placed on the windshield? Something along the lines of: Your vehicle is parked illegally. I have photographed your license plate. Have a nice day.

That could be fun.....

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