Monday, February 2, 2015

It's Monday.

The Brats. This is slightly fuzzy because it was taken with my phone.

Latest collage/painting

Radish sandwich. I can explain.
The mid section of the country is experiencing winter. A nasty turn. Yeah, I know it's February, but still. Central Indiana, the part around Indianapolis, has about 2 inches of snow. To our north, it is downright deep. And they can keep it.

I am on Pinterest, and have a variety of boards with a great many pins. One of those boards is entitled "Collage", which is kind of my latest obsession. I saw someone else's art a few weeks back, and just fell in love with the colors. So I grabbed one of the larger canvases, I think this is 16 by 24, and started fooling around. It is now hanging in my hallway. It doesn't matter if no one else likes it (to me), because I just love the color combination, the randomness of the elements. Besides, I made it for me. Because today is going to be cold and I have no need to go out, I think I will start a companion piece.

The brats. Sigh. In the past week, we suddenly have this competition to see who can get up on the pillows, closest to mom. Jake always wins. He will simply bump his sister until she moves her little ass over. My life. I wouldn't have it any other way.

My dad would have turned 103 on January 26th. He died at the age of 68. One of the things I remember most from my childhood was my dad introducing me to strange or different combinations of food. Way different from my mom, who was the cook in the family. We were still living in an attic flat on Wood Street, on the south side of Chicago, the first time my dad held out a radish sandwich and told me to take a bite. That means I was 8 years old, or younger. And it was love at first bite. I had forgotten this little treat until recently. My friend Melissa, who is young enough to be my daughter, grew up in the western part of Illinois south of Galena. She mentioned wanting to go home and fix a radish sandwich for supper, and it triggered a conversation about how we both grew up with this treat. All you need is fresh bread, butter, sliced radishes, and salt and pepper.

Sometimes it's the simply things in life that bring a smile to your face.

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