Saturday, January 31, 2015

Superbowl Weekend

Those that know me personally, know that I am not a sports fan. Any sport. Years ago I caught The Bulls fever, when Michael Jordan was playing. It was poetry in motion, and how could you not want to watch that? But football? No. Just not my thing. A great many women enjoy it, and my theory is whatever turns your crank let it turn.

This is the weekend that you can safely go see a movie and not worry about crowds on Sunday. Or parking. I love that. It is also the perfect weekend to shop at any craft supply store. There are usually sales to lure in women who want something to do while the men yell at the television. I am making light of this day, but there is something very serious that I'd like to mention. If it helps just one woman, or makes a woman think about a friend or neighbor, then it has done the job.

Violence on super bowl weekend is always high. Experts attribute it to excessive drinking, the high testosterone levels from watching a at times violent sport, whatever. In particular, domestic violence. If you know of someone, if you see a woman or child that is displaying evidence of being struck, shoved, or beaten, please reach out. Or just listen. I normally don't use this blog for subjects of this nature, but I have noticed an increase in abuse on the news. That means there is way more going on that is not reported. If we as a society continue to ignore this issue, it will only grow, never abate on it's own.

No one should be a victim. And thank you for joining me.

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