Sunday, January 18, 2015

Random Thoughts

Jake. Do not move, mom. Ever.

Perhaps you need one of these?

Week Two of The Documented Life
I do believe I will live. It was questionable there for awhile.

On the alternating days where I did feel good, I ventured out for short trips last week. One was to Hobby Lobby. The store was having a 50% off sale on furniture, storage units, the type of stuff you don't really need but talk yourself into. Yep. I do it, and I admit it. Cathy loves the color pink, in all shades, but really loves it in that deep shade. I saw the shelves, snapped a pic, and sent it to her in a text. She responded that she had already been to Hobby Lobby, and saw all of the "pink stuff". I do this to her all the time. Oddly enough, she never takes my shopping advice. A thought to ponder. I do my best to tempt her with photographs.

As mentioned before, we are both following the 2015 Documented Life Project. It's free, and if you are interested, there is a group on Facebook, and a blog. This group of talented ladies are offering a wealth of information and techniques on art journaling.  Each week a different challenge is presented. Week Two was using gesso, which is the primer for pages. It is basically white acrylic paint. I have lost track what artist has said this, I think it was Donna Downey, but gesso is the underwear to your project. Nice. So the above is the spread I came up with in-between trips to the bathroom. The colors made me happy, and trust me, there was little else bringing a smile to my face last week.

Saw a movie last night. Foxcatcher. It's the story of Mark and David Schultz, Olympic wrestlers, and the relationship with John DuPont. I didn't particularly like it, just went because my friend wanted to go, and I wanted to get out of the house. Creepy movie, super creepy man, and overall depressing. Again, oddly enough, it made me feel better. One of those, "See? Your life could be worse!" moments.

Enjoy your Sunday. Watch football. Or not.

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