Thursday, January 15, 2015

A Rotten Flu/Bug Season

Jake wants to be as close to mom as he can get. So he is on me.
I had a flu shot at my annual exam in September. The doctor assured me that it wasn't too early in the season, and that that shot would carry me through. Perhaps she was correct, perhaps not. I have yet to develop the cold/bronchitis type flu. But. Yeah, but. Let's talk about the latest stomach bug.

Holy Shit. And yes, that is exactly what you will do. Not to be too graphic here, but my exercise for the past 6 days has been running to the bathroom. No fever, no nausea, just horrendous diarrhea and stabbing pains. Kind of like you ate a window for a snack, and your body is now trying to digest the glass. And this isn't the influenza, or anything that can be prevented. It is just the latest transformation of a bug that invades your intestinal track. It is not a nice bug.

Yesterday I finally became really concerned, and called the doctor's office. Spoke with a very nice nurse, who sounded stressed. One can only imagine being a nurse in a family doctor's office during one of the worse flu seasons ever. She told me it probably was this current bug, to eat yogurt for the probiotics, bananas, and toast. Dosing my body with Immodium, I ventured to the store and stocked up.

I am now a believer. I consumed a individual container of yogurt when I arrived home, and realized a few hours later, hey! I feel better. Have had 2 more, and I do believe I will live. It was questionable for awhile. The two nurses who hovered over me for the past week agree.

They were no help whatsoever. Just so you know.

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