Monday, January 19, 2015

I Must Rant

I have wanted to see the movie, The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch since it was released. For the first few weeks it was only available at the north end of Indianapolis, and that time period being around the holidays I was not venturing into the heart of crazy shoppers. You know. Every metro area has a crazy shopper destination. It's like driving in a bumper car.

Yesterday I checked the times, and made the decision to go at 1:25. To sooth my guilt over leaving the brats alone for all of 2.5 hours, I took them to the dog park for a good, muddy, wet hour long romp. This was after cleaning the house. Yeah, I know. My brains were on a holiday.

I am one of those people who actually take my cell phone out and put it on "mute" mode as soon as my ass hits the theater chair. It's called being considerate. If I am with someone, we speak in muted tones because that is the polite way to conduct yourself inside a movie theater. Should someone make unnecessary noise during a film, I will first try a dirty look, then make a pointed comment. Nice, but pointed. I carry a combination lock in my purse for when I teach at the recreation center. Don't make me swing the Coach bag at your head.

Sitting to my right were a mother and daughter. They were not young. Mom had to be in her late 70's, possibly 80. Daughter was at least in her late 40's. AND THEY WERE TALKING LIKE THIS. For the entire 10 minutes leading up to the movie. People were clearing their throats so loudly I thought they would hemorrhage something. When these two idiots finally calmed down, a slew of late comers started up the stairs trying to find seats. One was an older couple, where the wife immediately sat down and her husband wasn't watching, or just didn't care and started to climb the steps further. Now we have the wife yelling, "George! Down here!", while George, unsure of himself in the dark, is holding onto a railing yelling, "What?". The movie had started, the theater is crowded, and three of us had risen to grab George and take him to his wife, when the mother/daughter duo performed that act.

Then talked about it.

Aside from missing the first 5 minutes, kind of, or not being able to hear it, I have to give this movie five stars and tell everyone not to miss it. It takes place in Britain from 1928 to 1951, but of course is applicable to our society as well. I despise bullies. This story will make you cry.

Have a good one.

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