Monday, December 1, 2014

Moving right along....

With bits and pieces attached with Matte Medium

Completed canvas. I think. Not sure. Yes. Well....

First step. The numbers to the right are chipboard pieces

Completed. Yes. Definitely

Forgot to take steps 1,2, and 3 of this canvas. Sue me.

Close up of the grunge. I LOVE the grunge.
I am halfway through the 10 canvases in 10 days workshop. I purchased and started this workshop on November 18th, so really trying to stretch it out. Yesterday I decided once complete, I'm going to go back and do another set just to see what happens.

This is way too much fun. It should be illegal. If you missed the first posts, I enrolled in a Donna Downey online workshop. The name of this class is 10 in 10, and you can see the details here. Because I already had the Golden products on hand that she uses, my investment was minimal. My problem now, as in the last two photos above, is that I get so wrapped up in painting I forget to stop and take some shots of the progress. Sorry about that.

I love the layers. I absolutely love the grunge. And I do have favorites, but will bite the bullet and hang all 10 canvases up in a grouping when done. Yesterday I put 2 up in my bedroom, and they look lonely, incomplete. Ms. Downey is correct. They need to be grouped together, and I also want to hang them in the order they were created.

I am now hungry for more workshops, more challenges. After months of a creative drought, the urge is back. Loving this. Thanks for stopping by.

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