Saturday, November 29, 2014


I am Jake. I rule!
As previously mentioned, I had a car accident a week ago today. The car I own is a 2012 Ford Escape, perfect for hauling the beasts to the dog park. I fold down the back seats, cover everything with old sheets and a quilt, and off we go. Jake always sits his little butt on the edge of the folded seat, resting his front paws on the console. He is my navigator. Gracie goes all the way to the back, sitting facing the window, so she can watch where we've been. No one touches anyone. Life is good.

The rental car I have now is a Chrysler 200 Sedan. Brand new. A very nice mid size car, but a car. With a back seat. To help protect it, I spread a king size quilt over the back, draping it up into the window well. When I open the back door, Jake jumps right in and stands in the middle of the seat. Gracie won't get in the car unless I lift her. At first I was worried that she was now afraid of being in a car after the accident (dogs were with me). But yesterday I came to the conclusion she is afraid of her bratty little brother, and his insistence of hogging every square inch of the back seat. It was a chore getting her into the car to go to the park yesterday.

At the park, they ran for an hour, the air was chilly and you could see their breathes. Whatever transpired in their dog brains must have been good, for Gracie jumped right in when it was time to leave, and shoved, yes, shoved her brother to the side.

You go, girl!

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