Monday, November 10, 2014

Winter is coming!

Burning Bush in front of my house

A street in Dubuque, IA

Part of the Mississippi Palisades Park

Mississippi Palisades Park
It was such a beautiful autumn this year in the Midwest. I can never remember what gives us the best fall colors, too much rain, just the right amount of rain, whatever. Central Indiana and Illinois did not have a drought this year, for the first time in over 5 years. I mowed grass every week, all season long. That was a first since I bought this house.

So I am looking at all the photos I took this past month, and enjoying them immensely. Snow is in the forecast for the end of this week. It is also going to be colder than normal.  "Colder than normal". Such an innocent statement. What is normal? I know the government takes all of the actual temperatures and gives us an average. In this area the averages have been basically kicked in the ass the past few years.

I am ready. 2 weeks ago I had all of the windows in my house replaced with Renewal by Andersen. LOVE these new windows. The house is tighter, less sound penetrates, and I know this is going to improve my energy usage.  Still don't like winter, but I am trying to make it more comfortable for me and my babies.

Have a good one.

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