Sunday, November 9, 2014


As I have stated before, I have this spare bedroom known quaintly as the craft room, or studio. The door has been shut all summer. I'm not sure what happened, but I lost all motivation to create anything. No sewing, painting, greeting cards, nothing was going on for months. About 3 weeks ago, the old itch to get back in there and do something started scratching.

First thing I had to do was clean it up. Good Grief! When the room is so small, it can become a mess in a hurry.

This is a larger canvas, about 14x20 inches. I worked on the background for weeks, off and on, adding colors and textures, then closing the door and walking away. On Friday, I found this quote on Pinterest, and decided it needed a home on the canvas. I was going to try some creative lettering with a paint brush, but chickened out and used chipboard letters instead. The larger letters were unfinished that I painted with craft paint. Smaller ones were left over from years of collecting letters for scrapbooking.

This was fun. There are 2 more smaller canvases in process on the work table. The mojo is back. No one is ever going to buy this stuff, but I get something out of the process of creating, so it's all cool.

Have a good one.

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