Friday, November 7, 2014

Ready for this?

My boy Jake

Gracie, my beautiful Aussie
It is downright chilly this morning. Feels like winter. Oh, wait! It's November 7th! It is almost winter. So not ready for this. The memory of last winter is still way too fresh.

I took both of these photos with my phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy Note 2. My Verizon contract is up in December, and I will trade this sucker in on a Galaxy Note 4, which is the newest model of Note. The Note phones are the biggies, the ones that cause people to look at you weird when you pull it out to check a text message. Like when you are at the Ford dealership getting an oil change. Getting off the path here. What was I going to tell you about? Oh, yeah. Photos!!!!

The camera on the Note is pretty darn good. I have been pleased with photos I've taken, but had a real problem getting the photos off the phone to the computer until a few months ago. There is a free app and storage program called Dropbox. Google it. You install the app on your phone, then also put it on your computer. Everytime you take a photo with your phone, within a minute it is in the Dropbox cloud, and accessible on your computer. Dropbox will archive the photos according to date, so you can go back, choose which you want to use, and boom. Done.

Let me clarify, the only reason I had a problem getting my photos from my Samsung Android based phone to the computer is that the computer is an Apple Mac desktop. Apple is not fond of people using other devices, and the software provided by Samsung was not compatible with the Mac. Took me forever to realize this, because I kept thinking I was doing something wrong. I could not connect to the Mac either with a cord or wireless. One day last summer, Pat found Dropbox and we were both off and running. I will warn you, I had over 400 photos on my phone to upload to the cloud. It took hours. Hours and hours. But now when I take photos, like on the Mississippi River vacation, they are in the cloud within minutes. Love it.

Have a great weekend.

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