Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nauvoo and Galena

Nauvoo IL

One of the sidewalks in Nauvoo before dark-Annual Pumpkin Walk


Small section of Old Nauvoo open to the public

Old Nauvoo

Pat at Mississippi Palisades Park
Hard to believe that we had perfect fall weather last weekend, and this weekend we are all freezing our asses off. Guess it's that time of year.

We have traveled all over this country, and it still amazes me to hear that early settlers "drained swamp" in order to build a town or city. Nauvoo, IL. is on the banks of the Mississippi river, starting into southern Illinois. The entire town was built on drained land, in order to take advantage of proximity to the mighty river. This is also true of the cities of Chicago, Charleston, SC., and Savannah, GA.

There are several buildings still standing that were part of the old town of Nauvoo. All are brick, very solid, and restored and maintained. We toured one home open to 2 rooms downstairs, and 2 rooms upstairs. I heard noises coming from the wall, and the Mormon Sister who volunteers to explain the history of the town casually told us that a young missionary couple were living in the other half.

If you ever get a chance to see the Mississippi Palisades State Park in western Illinois, please do so. We didn't do a lot of hiking because I just can't anymore, and it was very wet. The dense fog had yet to lift completely, so we couldn't see the river from the bluffs. This park is located on IL96, and the 2 lane blacktop road separates the park from the Mississippi. Beautiful country. I would love to go back.

Stay warm.

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