Saturday, November 1, 2014

Beautiful Autumn

Ellis Park, Danville, IN

Ellis Park, Danville IN

Mississippi River, south of Nauvoo IL

Mississippi River, from the Chestnut Resort, Galena, IL

Me, standing in leaves at Mississippi Palisades State Park
I have probably mentioned this before, that Pat and I are jinxed when it comes to fall color. We pursue it relentlessly, and it evades us. Year after year. Except this year, we were kind of sneaky.

The decision to take a short, fall trip was sudden and not based on the dates for "best color" off the net, but rather on when my pet sitter could take the dogs. Whatever works, is my motto. This year we had some pretty cool color. I also found local trees that took my breath away. The first two photos were from a walk with the dogs in Danville, IN. When the weather cools, I like to take them for rides with me in the car. Gets them out of the house with different scenery to look at, people to bark at, you know the drill. On a whim we stopped at the park for a walk. All three of us enjoyed it immensely. It had been a long time since we walked in the woods.

Have a great weekend.

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