Monday, November 3, 2014

Calming Waters

Stone Arch under an Illinois highway, Nauvoo IL

Mississippi River with dead leaves

Pat with my shadow

Pull off from highway, Mississippi River

Sugar Maple in my backyard
What is it about gazing out at a body of water that calms our thoughts and souls?  It has always been like this for me. Even in a storm, I remember looking out at the Atlantic ocean at Folly Beach, SC., rain pouring and the wind whipping up waves, and feeling so peaceful.

When we drove south of Nauvoo, IL. for 12 miles, there were several pull-offs from the highway where you could picnic, rest, or just look out at the river. The weather was perfect, the views restful.

I love getting away on these short trips, stopping when we want, eating wherever. But I fear that the days of travel are coming to an end for me. It is now painful to walk any distance at all. The difference between the trip to Seattle in August, 2013 and this trip last week is noticeable. I didn't realize how, unconsciously, I have developed a routine at home that compensates for the pain and numbness in my leg in the first hours of wakefulness. Yeah. Didn't realize it until I half collapsed in the shower in Galena. The leg went out, and I thought I would fall. I now know I have to be awake and moving around for an hour or so before attempting too much. Like a shower.

Losing my mobility is a major setback in my life. I have always, always loved to walk. Never a runner, but walking was my thing. I used it to exercise, get from point to point, or to work off stress and nerves, especially when I worked in downtown Chicago. I miss walking the dogs on a daily basis. And I think they miss it as well.

Getting old sucks. The alternative isn't great either.

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