Wednesday, March 19, 2014


This is known as Jake's evil eye.

I'm sorry Mom. But you know I hate cameras.

Does my fur make my butt look too big?

New canvas
We sometimes forget that animals can get the blues, or suffer from being indoors too much just like their human owners. I think that is the case with my two dogs. Now that Spring is arriving with new smells, warmer temps, and birds singing, they are wanting outside more. And basically are driving me nuts.

 We are once again visiting the dog park, and going for walks. Playing ball in the backyard. I had them out with me while I started cleaning up the yard of garden debris. And when I would glance back at them lounging on the deck, there seemed to be a look of pure contentment on their faces. Yeah, I share that feeling.

I enrolled in a year long online course with Christy Tomlinson called the Art Society. On the 15th of each month she posts a new project, complete with videos. If you have never taken any of Christy's courses, she is an excellent teacher and a lot of fun. The one thing that she is lacking in is organizational skills. Kind of an inside joke. With the camera running, she will rummage for one particular art supply that she needs. We are all used to it, and just endears her to us more.

This month's project was to select an old canvas that you didn't particularly like, or couldn't fix. Using a pencil or chalk, you draw abstract shapes on the canvas, choose a background color of paint, and paint around the shapes. Her suggestion was if you couldn't immediately decide on a background color, to block in the areas in white, which was my first coat. The flower was once a girl done with a white complexion and green/blue shading. I loved the shape of her face and three quarter head pose, but not the coloring. It was another challenge from another Christy workshop. I then added bits and pieces of Washi tape to the flower, hoping to disguise some of the elements of the girl that lies underneath. Lots of doodling and shading on this as well. It was fun, and I am going to try another canvas, but this time starting from scratch.

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