Friday, March 7, 2014

Dare we say Spring?

On my bed, against the stack of feather pillows

Mom, can I have a paw massage?

No, I won't look at the camera. Go away.
We just returned from a long walk at the local park. The trails are paved, so came home with a minimum of dirt and mud. Kind of important this time of year. The dogs are now sleeping. Mom is happy.

I took the above photographs with my phone, which is a Samsung Galaxy Note II. Love the phone, even though there are times I think it's possessed. Does these strange selections at times, like wanting me to use the world clock and pick a country. Uh, no, don't think so. But the camera is pretty darn good. I'm having a problem getting the photos from the phone to the Mac computer. In researching this subject, I discovered two pieces of software that are suppose to work. They don't. Asking tech questions at Verizon is like talking to a bag of salad. If you get my drift.....

So I sent myself an email with photos attached, then tweaked them in Photoshop Elements and saved them to the Mac. Works for me.

Everyone do a spring dance around a May pole. Or something. Winter needs to retreat and stay gone. Enjoy your weekend.

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