Thursday, March 20, 2014


1. Things have a tendency to fall apart or off as you get older. Last night I broke a tooth. I hate going to the dentist. This might be a great way to lose the winter weight. I just won't eat.

2. The dogs definitely have spring in their minds. EVERYTHING must be sniffed, tasted, looked at, sniffed again. Unfortunately, Gracie wants to do this at 2am. Consequently I am sleep deprived. Hope this behavior stops real soon.

3. I am becoming more tech savvy. Scary.

4. I have decided to enter a local art show in July. The drawback to this is that it is outdoors, I will need a canopy, and one never knows what the weather will be. It could be cold and wet, or so blazing hot you will melt. Still thinking it's worth a try just once. Ya never know, do you?

5. Cathy and I each have 2 dogs. She keeps looking at photos of pets at local shelters, and is considering another one. She also found a female that is Jake's twin. I gently explained that a) I can't afford a third dog. Really. Owning dogs today is like raising kids. It gets expensive if you do it right, and I do. b)I am unable at this point to grow a third arm or hand to pet that third dog. My two are very demanding, and my left hand is petting Jake while my right hand is rubbing Gracie's belly or chest.  What to do with a third dog? Besides, look at Jake in the above photo. Does he look like he'd be willing to share Mom with another animal? Uh huh.

6. I think, and this is just my opinion, that Mother Nature needs to be bitched slapped. Today is the first day of spring. We have that sneaky polar voltex returning next week with snow. Come on, Ma. Enough is enough. Today is also Indiana tornado awareness day. So we are preparing for tornadoes and snow all in one. Are we having fun yet?

7. I am so ready for a vacation, even if it's just a long weekend. This winter has taken it's toll. Two short trips are scheduled for this summer, and that gives me something to look forward to.

8. I have to download Turbo Tax and do my taxes. Sigh.

9. As I have matured (???) I have developed into a procrastinator. This was never me in my younger years. Never. So about point 8? Yeah, that won't happen until April 13th.

10. Going to get some holly hock seeds and start some plants indoors. I have missed my holly hocks, and had I known plants would be so damn hard to find, I would have brought some over from Illinois. They were everywhere around my house in Marshall. I do miss that.

Have a good day.

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