Thursday, February 27, 2014

It Ain't Over til it's Over!

Amos. He jumped up on my lap, then climbed on the dining room table.

So dang cute. He had been groomed the day before.

Ben, stalking Gracie at my house

Gracie likes her chair, but in the winter Jake follows the sunshine around the living room floor.

Beatles biography for sale

Mixed Media ephemera for sale
We can see the grass! However, and here it comes, this is not going to last. Snow and ice will once again visit Indiana. The forecast is for 5 to 10 inches, and because we have received the high end on every single forecast all winter, I'm thinking it's cabin fever time once again.

I ran over to Cathy's yesterday to delivery some checks, and Amos was so cute I had to take a photo with my phone. Should have also taken a shot of his brother, Otis, but Otis was on his mom's lap. Which is where Otis normally is.

I have opened an Etsy shop. The name of it is GracieandJake, all one word. Once I figure out how to get the code to the sidebar for this blog, I will do that. But blogspot has changed things a bit, and I am like in never-never land working with this. I am selling my old Beatle books (2 sold within 24 hours of opening the store), and will add various other Beatle items. But I have also put together a packet of old papers for mixed media art. Very reasonable in price. Shop ETSY here.

Thanks for stopping by.

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