Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Random Thoughts

I have made a resolution to use up craft/art supplies that have been in my house for way too long. This was the first project. I found 2 wooden plaques in one of the storage drawers. This is the problem. I buy this stuff, put it in it's place somewhere, and promptly forget about it. And I am positive that other women do the exact same thing. So. This winter, which obviously is already here, I am pulling out substrates and working on them.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy painting on wood. When the colors on the sides of the plaque became too bright, I let them dry and then used fine sandpaper to calm and blend. Worked like a charm. An old tole painters trick.

The second plaque has the same color base, but I have yet to finish it. That will be today.

Dogs: I love them. They are my furry kids. But someone, and I have a strong feeling that each is contributing, is using the living room as a bathroom because someone does not want to get their paws cold. Someone this morning did not want to go out when his sister did. And while I was at the computer, a deposit was made. Accidents happen. But hello? I was sitting 5 feet from the back door.  And I have never denied either of them access to the backyard when they tell me they need out.

Small price to pay for owning two of the most loving, adorable dogs ever.

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