Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter and the dogs


Dogs don't know about frostbite on paws or ears. All they know is that it is lots of fun to run in the white, fluffy stuff on the ground. And stick your nose in it. Lots of different smells. Look! Bunny tracks.

Yesterday afternoon the sun was out, strong. I had them in the backyard and realized I wasn't freezing with the temperature at 28. I was also in a sweatshirt underneath a brand new Columbia jacket with that reflective lining. Sucker works! So we headed to the dog park. I walked the perimeter and let them just flat out run and sniff. They had a blast, judging by the smiles and wagging butts. After about 35 minutes, I put the leashes back on and told them it was time to head home. "Oh, mom!!!" I am so protective of these two, but I truly don't want any frozen body parts on the dogs.

I wonder if they understand? Have a great day?

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