Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Jake is not impressed with the canvases

6x6 chunky canvas
I really like this little guy. (Yeah, I LOVE Jake. Talking about the snowman). He is currently sitting on my big bookcase in the living room. Yesterday I tried to finish a Santa figure, old St. Nick, on the same size canvas. Not happy with him at all, so he has been banned to the studio.

I am nuts.

It would be lovely if all of this very early winter weather in Central Indiana means that spring will move in by March 1st. I seriously doubt it, but it would be nice. Too cold, for me, to walk the dogs or take them to the dog park. I just can't take it anymore. So we play in the house, briefly in the yard, and take them for rides.

Speaking of which, there have been several dog snatching incidents in the Indianapolis area, where car windows are broken to get to the dogs. So now I will not leave them in the car while I run into Michaels to stock up on canvas or whatever. I never would leave them at Walmart, where you are lucky to come out and find your car still parked where you left it. I hate a thief.

This is a rambling post. So time to end it. Heading for a second cup of coffee. Have a good one.

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