Monday, December 9, 2013

Misc Monday

He's a cutie, but I don't like the scarf and have Mr. Penguin too tall!

Used modeling paste mixed with white paint for the snow. Now I don't like it.

My favorite

It's been awhile. Am I the only one who goes into a downward spiral this time of year? No. But for whatever reason, it has hit me hard this year. So to try and get out of this funk, I worked on Christmas themed canvases. It has helped, but I think it's the creative process more than the subject matter.

Yesterday was the 33rd anniversary of John Lennon's death. 33 years. The mind boggles at the music we missed. I follow a variety of artists and celebrities on Twitter. Simon Helberg (Howard on Big Bang Theory) posted a link to an article and audio of John and Paul singing "Don't Let Me Down". This was just the vocal track without instruments. Raw, pure emotion was in their voices. The article was concerned with John's plea to Yoko, not to let him down. But as I listened to this, Paul's voice overshadowed John's in several places. In my humble opinion, there was a plea coming from McCartney as well.

When we were kids, or rather teenagers, Christmas was very special. Capital Records was not a stupid company. First of all they had signed the Beatles. And every holiday season, a new album was released. We were always on pins and needles waiting for Christmas Eve so we could tear into that album. Nothing else under the tree held that type of magic. By Christmas Day afternoon, it had been played and played again. Lyrics memorized.

Seems so very long ago. I miss it terribly.

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