Monday, November 18, 2013

Junk Journal

side view of all pages

this is deli paper that I bought at our local GFS
I recently took an online class from Journal Girl, an artist who lives in the southwest. You can read about this continuing class here. (Junk Journal)

First of all, Samie's videos are very well done, and easy to follow. If you are considering taking online classes, this would be a great place to start. There are so many out there. I also do not miss anything Christy Tomlinson offers. Fun stuff.

This class was to explain how to make a variety of Gelli Art plate prints, and then cut them, sew, whatever you want to do, into a journal. Gelli printing is a process of laying paint in layers onto paper. What type of paint you use, and the papers themselves makes a difference in the final product. With experience you can get a good idea of how something will turn out, but not always. There are always surprises, some happy, some going into a "don't know what to do with that" pile.

But this forces the artist to think about colors, what complements and what doesn't, and shapes. We made our own masks and stencils to use in the process.

Stop by Journal Girl and have a look at her work.

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