Thursday, October 3, 2013

Well, Dang!

LARGE pumpkin that Cathy made last year. He was so cute!

Birdhouses lined up for sale in Nashville, IN.

Love the fall colors
As time passes, how people spend their leisure time and dollars changes. Trends come and go. I am living proof of that statement. In January of this year I was sewing up a storm, making primitive dolls. I have sold 1 all year, so the sewing has stopped. Why do it if I am not going to sell anything? Then Cathy got me involved in mixed media canvas, and off I went down that road. I am still doing it, but it's more for my own satisfaction than selling. I did sell 2 canvases at a shop now closed. At least they did somewhat better than the primitive dolls.

Yesterday I worked, as I always do on Wednesdays, at the scrap book store Cathy owns. It was basically dead. The hobby is still out there, but people just don't come to browse as they did years ago. The owner of the building caught me, and asked if he could speak to Cathy. By 3pm, the decision had been made: we are closing Allyscraps. Everything has to be out by December 10th. I am sad, but I certainly understand this business decision. The building owner wants her to sign a 5 year lease. That would be insanity. Sales have steadily declined over the past 3 years.

We are always searching for the correct outlet for our creations. For awhile, the craft mall in Plainfield filled the bill. Not now. So off we'll go down another path.

You don't know unless you try.

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