Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dog Day

My nester

Do  ya think I'm sexy...?

I normally work on Wednesdays, but yesterday I didn't. So we turned it into a wonderful dog day. They went with me for a run to the scrap book store, then on to the dog park. The grass was wet, just a few other dogs, and my two had a great time.

Right after lunch it was bath time. No, I didn't give them advance's hard enough to get ahold of Jake for a bath. He loves for me to comb out his fur, trim his face, pay attention to him and only him, but fights me on a bath. Not once he is in the tub, just the final resignation that mom always wins on this point.

Gracie agrees reluctantly, because she knows it enhances her natural beauty.

My furry kids. I love them.

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