Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Misc. Ravings

I want to be there, not here
I want to go back on vacation. I would love to eat clam chowder and crab cakes again at any of the restaurants we visited.

Here's the thing: I, like the majority of Americans, am sick to death of the fighting, name calling, and total disregard of our elected officials in Washington, DC. I didn't turn on the television this morning. I no longer want to hear it. You shut down the federal government? Fine, give back your annual salary because you haven't done your job all year. And that is for every, single elected official. Bite me, people.

And another thing: (said I was on a rant, didn't I?). Why do shots have to hurt the next day? I called my doctor's office last week to get an appointment for a mammogram. Have you had your annual physical? No, I haven't. Guess what? So I went yesterday, thinking she is going to check a few things, write a script for the mammo, and send me on my merry way. Well, that didn't work. I had a flu shot in my left arm, then a pneumonia shot below the flu shot, and a tetanus booster in my right arm. "Move your arms, and the vaccines will travel deeper into the muscle. Then it won't hurt." I taught an exercise class last night. The more we progressed, the worse it hurt, and this morning both arms are sore as hell. And I have a fairly high tolerance for pain, as I live with back and leg pain every day.

I think the bottom line is, don't sugar coat anything you tell me, and don't lie to me.  An obstructionist is an obstructionist. Pain will be pain. And everyone roll up your sleeves, stop whining because life is far from perfect, and get back to work. We have a society to save.


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